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Gau Daan

Among all donations, Gau daan is the most satisfying service. Gau refers to a cow. According to Hindu literature, it is one of every human’s seven mothers. In English, Gau daan means “gift of a cow.” It is fortunate and sacred. Donate a cow during performing dosha nivarna pooja. If the cost is affordable, one should make this once-in-a-lifetime daan. Get your puja performed in Vedic standards by experienced & verified Pandits with best quality samagri to ensure pleasant puja experience and long-term benefits.

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Gau Daan

Cow donation, also known as Gau Daan in Hinduism, is very important. Kings and others have presented cows to the Brahmins and others from ancient times. The advantages of donating a cow are virtually limitless. Everyone is expected to contribute at least one cow in their lifetime. The cow is supposed to be the home of all the Gods, according to ancient scriptures. The 33 crore Gods have their dwelling in every atom of a cow’s body. All 14 mythical worlds are represented in the cow’s limbs, with Brahma and Vishnu living on the root of two horns.



  • Gau Daan helps in making a person pure and leads him to attain the highest state of eternal bliss.
  • It is said that donating grains, water, clothes, etc. or offering a cow as a gift to a needy person known to turn enemies into friends.
  • This Daan also provides one a peaceful life after death.
  • As per the Hindu beliefs, the Universe is one and anything that one gift to the Universe will ultimately return to him or her and that is exactly defined as the purpose behind doing Daan.

Note: A person who wants to offer Gau Daan can come and perform this donation or else Harivara.Com will perform on your behalf and send a video to you.


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